Representing The Post on social media on my first panel

PRSAI had fun today taking part in my very first panel, as one of three speakers on social media for a luncheon by the Public Relations Society of America’s Palm Beach Chapter.

WPTV’s Travis Berger unfortunately was unable to attend, but I was joined by Laura Sturaitis, BusinessWire’s executive VP of new media & product strategy (and former Jeopardy! champion); and Christine Najac, founder of the very popular blog.

The event’s organizer, the very pleasant and organized Sharon Patterson (president of d+g communications group), said handouts would be welcome, so I brought a few. A couple of people asked me if I would email them the handouts, so I’ll make them available here, too:

• The Post’s Facebook pages & fan counts (as of 4/10)
• The Post’s Twitter accounts (this one’s easy … it’s a page on our site) 😉
• A sampling of helpful blogs and other links
• A modest little list of social-media things to try (this includes stuff I still need to try!)

There were many questions in the audience today about The Post, and people seemed impressed by the fact that we have 10 Facebook pages and 35 Twitter accounts across the newsroom.

As an aside, events like these always make me realize what a small world it is. Two friends of mine happened to be in attendance – one whom I met at church, and one I’ve known since we worked at our college newspaper together. Coincidentally, both now work for the same organization. And another woman I met today, as it turns out, was born in the same hospital as me in Huntington, W.Va.!


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