Palm Beach Post thanks its Facebook fans with video celebrating the 10,000 mark

To celebrate reaching 10,000 Facebook fans last week, with a lot of help from some awesome co-workers, I created a video – actually an Animoto presentation – “sneaking” 50 of our fans’ randomly chosen names into various places around the newsroom and other scenes.

We had a lot of fun with this. Hope you enjoy.

For those interested, a little background on how this came together, plus some shout-outs:

  • Web producer Victoria Malmer and I spent about two weeks off and on – whatever time we could spare – setting up and styling the newsroom scenes for Post photographer Ray Graham, who shot most of the photos and created most of the photo illustrations from his images and from stock images (about 10 of the 50 pics here are stock images). The project never would have happened without their creativity, organization and hours of hard work.
  • I got the idea for the “embedding names” concept after being inspired by the “New Twitter” video, which features Twitter’s bluebird embedded in various places, such as a library book. I had just seen that video a couple of weeks earlier and loved it, and it was fun to look at our newsroom with a fresh eye to come up with ideas for our scenes. If anyone who works at The Post wonders why they might have seen me wandering around the newsroom, looking blankly at things and scrunching my brow deep in thought, they now know why. True to deadline-crazed journalist fashion, 14 the 50 scenes I came up with at the very last minute just to get the project completed. (I’m especially proud of finding “June Bug,” the name of one of our fans, in a battered-up old newsroom dictionary sitting atop a dust-covered filing cabinet.)
  • Our project’s intro line, “You’re part of everything we do,” was courtesy of Post digital audience director Michelle Licudine, and the idea to do a project to mark 10,000 fans in the first place was suggested by day editor Eric Weiss. Both of them, along with digital manager Clay Clifton, were in the original brainstorming meeting and contributed ideas for some of the shots.
  • Multimedia editor Mark Edelson suggested we use Animoto for the project. The app gets two thumbs up from me, especially after the years I spent producing multimedia slideshows with Soundslides. I still needed to photoshop the intro slides to get the text the way I wanted it, but overall I find Animoto is much easier and more fun to use. I decided to go with an edgier theme and music than what we’d originally discussed in our brainstorming meeting, but Animoto offers plenty of options to create just about any tone you want.
  • The two graphics images were created by Post graphic designer Steve Lopez.
  • Visual journalist Gwen Berry shot the video clip of high school sports reporter Matt Porter, being a good sport and holding up a fan name in the middle of another shoot he was doing.
  • Last but certainly not least, the white dog toward the end belongs to Post reporter Cynthia Roldan.


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