Twitter tips and links: Find followers, track trends and more

The past couple of weeks, I’ve come across some new-to-me sites to help track tweets and trends, find Twitter followers and more.

Snapbird: Search your own or others’ Twitter histories via keyword or phrase.

Tweetreach: How far did your tweet travel?

Twiangulate: Find relevant followers and improve connections (Courtesy Michelle Licudine).

Topsy: Type in a full URL to see who’s tweeting about it. You can also search photos and tweets, find experts and see what’s trending. I’ve been using Topsy for a while, but recently discovered that you can also search most popular tweets by site, like this.

And here are some older Twitter-tips links I have bookmarked:

  • 6 Timely Tips for Twitter Success
  • Beginner’s guide to Twitter
  • Blast Follow
  • Formulists
  • Journalists’ Guide to Twitter
  • Just Tweet It
  • Lists: Listorious
  • Lists: TLists
  • More Twitter widgets
  • oneforty: must-have apps
  • quoteurl
  • Twitter widgets
  • Ultimate Guide to Twitter Hashtags
  • WeFollow directory
  • Do you have any favorite Twitter tools that aren’t listed here?


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