Social media news roundup: New Palm Beach Post tweeters, Facebook search changes, more

  • With the addition of The Palm Beach Post’s new Tallahasse bureau reporter John Kennedy, who tweets as @JKennedyReport, plus new tweeters Dara Kam (@dkpbpost) and our Step by Step fitness blogging team (@pbpstepbystep), there are now 39 Twitter accounts associated with The Post’s newsroom.
  • Meanwhile, our tweeters Stacey Singer (@StaceySinger, up 44%), Carolyn DiPaolo (@carolyndipaolo, up 26%) and Libby Volgyes (@SwirlGirls, up 16%) saw the biggest leaps in their Klout influence scores, which means they’re doing a good job at interacting with their followers and at tweeting things that others want to respond to and retweet.
  • Facebook has improved its search to more prominently display shared links. In the example below, when I did a simple search for “West Palm Beach” on Facebook, the highlighted results included links to Post reporter Andrew Abramson’s coverage about Molly Douglas. In short, the tweak means Facebook is helping drive even more traffic to websites, including ours.

facebook search

  • ESPN has rewarded reporter Bill Simmons with his own website, in large part because of his Twitter success as @sportsguy33 with 1.3 million+ followers.
  • A little old, but funny: CNN reported: “A man in Egypt has named his newborn daughter Facebook in honor of the role the social media network played in bringing about a revolution.”

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