Twitter tips:’s Chrome extension, real-time collaboration with Beluga, finding followers

Quick Twitter posting

Could this be better than TweetDeck for posting? I know I’m late to this party, but I recently started using Chrome and discovered the browser’s extension.

It makes tweeting a link even faster and easier than TweetDeck. Basically, when I’m on a URL I want to tweet, all I have to do is click the little fish icon on the upper right and I get a pop-up window with:

  • the URL shortened via my account of choice
  • the tweet filled out with the story’s headline, which I can edit

and then tweet right from my browser.

This short video shows you how:

Real-time social media collaboration

As an experiment, I rounded up a team across different departments last month at The Palm Beach Post to use real-time social media collaboration via group text message for coverage of SunFest, West Palm Beach’s big annual music and arts festival.

To keep our new @SunFestPulse Twitter account hopping throughout the five-day festival, eight of us used the group-chat app Beluga on our cellphones to pitch in and post more than 200 updates, retweets and interactions with festival-goers.

With the dedicated Twitter account, we picked up 175 followers along the way, had some nice back-and-forth with people and helped bring more awareness to our entertainment site,

I’m glad we did this test run in a way we could plan and control, because the knowledge and practice we picked up along the way will undoubtedly help when we want to consider using this tool in the future for a breaking-news event.

Find tweeps to follow

I often say you don’t have to tweet in order to get something out of Twitter; the microblogging service is very useful as a news feed for whatever topics interest you, professionally or personally. Now, Twitter has made it easier to find content relevant to you on its new (ish) Who to Follow page.


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