Palm Beach Post social media star: High school sports writer Jeff Greer

Palm Beach Post high school sports writer Jeff Greer is not only active on Twitter and Facebook, he takes full advantage of a wide spectrum of social media by being heavily involved in blogging, reader feedback and video.

His use of Twitter varies. He tweets recruiting news, announcing reported scholarship offers to high school football and basketball players. He live-tweets sporting events, from the Miami Heat and Florida Marlins to high school softball. I interacts with his followers by asking questions such as, “Name your top five NBA players of all-time.” He’s also been known to post the occasional joke, such as this lighthearted photo.

On The Post’s PBGametime Facebook page, he and his fellow high school sports writer post photos, links to stories that don’t come through the feeds and interact with users. The page has 1,995 fans and counting.

Other examples:

Tiger Woods, whether we like it or not, is the most popular golfer in the world. When he entered his first Honda Classic this March, Greer followed him. Literally. He went hole-by-hole, step-by-step, ranging from 10 to 200 feet from Tiger, tweeting his every move and blogging every hole. The blog was wildly popular, gaining more than 2,000 page views each day that Greer posted.

Greer did these running blogs while still doing the Tiger Tracker – not sure how his phone handled it:

When he wasn’t in Tiger’s pocket or annihilating the Honda Classic’s delicious media dinner spread, Greer was following the rest of the tournament, posting photos and commentary from around the tournament, which has become extremely popular for fans and non-fans alike.

And here are a few of his post-game blog posts, which have become a fan favorite:

This is blogging that happens when Greer’s mind wanders:

Then there are the PBGametime videos, the weekly high school football videos that preview the week’s upcoming games. Greer and his partner write the script Monday nights and film the show on Tuesday mornings. Their costumes and lines are their own creations, and they have a ton of fun doing it. These videos became so popular, they eventually brought the demise of our Game of the Week videos, which were previously quite popular for our high school football fans. Let’s just say this: Last year’s season finale involved Greer, a cheerleading uniform, pom poms and a busy intersection.


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