Web producers with good social media instincts are newsroom gold

Being social media editor is easy when you have journalists on your team who really get it! I try to use this blog whenever I can to give shout-outs to co-workers doing good things with social media. Palm Beach Post web producer Amanda Leth (who, sadly, is leaving us soon for another opportunity) is one of them.

Here are just a few things she did in the past few days to help out with social media while I was attending the Online News Association conference in Boston.

Talk about the weather

A simple photo post with an engaging cutline got our Facebook fans talking. Click to see all the interaction, among the highest we’ve seen on any one image.

Pouncing on a hot topic

From being an avid consumer of social media herself, Amanda knew everyone was talking about the recent Facebook news feed changes. So she capitalized on this by using Storify to curate public posts about what people were saying on the topic.

Amanda embedded the Storify on our site and included a link at the bottom to our news story.

Reader of the Week

Finally, Amanda helped by choosing and posted our Reader of the Week. This is a popular new-ish feature on our Facebook page that recognizes local people who use social media to share news, photos and video with The Palm Beach Post and who help spread our content virally on social networks.

Amanda had also embedded the reader’s video onto a page on our site.

Thanks Amanda for your good social media instincts! Amanda’s just one of several web producers who do a good job with social media for our site. A social media editor can’t do it alone; you have to have a good team.


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